All of our Social Media Packages Below are on the Same Timeline:

4-6 Months: Communicating regularly with communities and interacting creating your noticeable interactive presence create and implement innovative, relevant content for all platforms. We begin your campaigns and Facebook Marketplace campaigns. We continue to create original blog posts, Squido lens, E-Zine Articles and videos.
Your Twitter auto Robot will be set and working and your traffic, Google profiles and page rankings will be monitored and your  traffic reports will sent. We develop campaigns and strategize and incentivize your social media for optimal success.

We will be interacting more with you now teaching you how to be a social media superstar so that you can edit, customize and manage all of your accounts.

6-9 months
We  continue to monitor progress of all platforms, continue to post regularly and maintain your online presence using all of the latest innovative technology to keep you up to date and growing, leading people to your business.
We develop campaigns, strategize and incentivize your social media for optimal success.

We do not promise fast quick fixes or blackhat services. Our team of professionals that Social Media requires consistency and a time commitment to be successful.
Month Social Media Strategy & Timing
0-2 Months:
Our team of experts will set up all Social Media platforms with customized branded banners, backgrounds, graphics and headers, and begin the following and connection process. During this time we will be posting setting up and designing. We guarantee fresh new Likes, Followers and Connections. 0-2 Months: We will be building online relationships with your prospects and fans. Our goal; develop fans, convert them to super fans, and then to customers. Depending on your industry, we may wait on Linkedin until Blog launch. Allow up to 60 days.

Month 2-3 Now that you are set up and your accounts are integrating and working together we will begin the building of your custom WordPress Blog. We will continue your posting on your Facebook, ad Twitter, and will have posted to You Tube if you have a video. We will begin integrating Linkedin with the blog launch. 

In the beginning we do not place a lot of emphasis on Linkedin unless you are in a professional, business or financial industry. Once we launch your custom blog we will begin for your blog posting. At this time you should be at the end of 90 days and entering your 4th month of service.

If your social media platforms or Google profiles are not functioning your account may take extra time at setup.