Opt-In Categories
Here are a couple of the categories most requested by our customers.
If you do not find what you're looking for, please contact us.

Note: We do NOT target specific Cities or States... Only Countries (ie: USA).
You'll have the option to select which country(s) to target when you check-out!

Men (28 Mil+)
Women (29 Mil+)
International (42 Mil+)

Entrepreneurs (7 Mil+)
Advertising Businesses (4 Mil+)
Small Business (11 Mil+)
Medium Business (6 Mil+)
Large Business (2 Mil+)

Multi Level Marketing (21 Mil+)
Business Opportunity Seekers (19 Mil+) 
Home Based Business (20 Mil+)
Home Business Owners (15 Mil+)
Small Business Owners (9 Mil+)

New Products (9 Mil+)
Service Announcements (7 Mil+)
Internet Buyers (16 Mil+)
Shopping/Gifts (13 Mil+)
Deals (11 Mil+)
Consumers (24 Mil+)
Classified (11 Mil+)
Affiliate Programs (9 Mil+)


Gambling/Casino (7 Mil+)
Sports (26 Mil+)
Golf (11 Mil+)
Tennis (2 Mil+)
Hunting (2 Mil+)
Smokers (9 Mil+)
Antiques (2 Mil+)
Health/Nutrition (9 Mil+)
Fitness (10 Mil+)
Weight Loss (14 Mil+)
Entertainment (9 Mil+)
Gaming/Gamers (8 Mil+)
Fashion (7 Mil+)
Communication (3 Mil+)
Books (7 Mil+)
Lottery (13 Mil+)
Astrology (7 Mil+)
Gadgets (2 Mil+)
Cell Phones (18 Mil+)
Music (12 Mil+)
Pets (5 Mil+)
Recreation (4 Mil+)
Dating (9 Mil+)
Adult/Mature (8 Mil+)
Weddings (2 Mil+)
Religion (12 Mil+)
Real Estate (7 Mil+)
Real Estate Agents (1.4 Mil+)
Home Owners (11 Mil+)
Green Products (9 Mil+)
Seniors Citizens (9 Mil+)
Temp Agencies (2 Mil+)
Recruiters (1 Mil+)
Job Seekers (13 Mil+)
Automobile Enthusiasts (9 Mil+)
Auto Shoppers (7 Mil+)
Bikers (5 Mil+)
General (11 Mil+)
USA (2 Mil+)
International (11 Mil+)

Tracking Your Results We use a real-time URL and email tracking service. 

We will give you real time results  tracking  the number of Emails Sent, Emails Opened, and Total Clicks Received. You will also see the Name and Partial Email Address of the recipient that clicked on your ad. You'll also be able to verify that your ad is actually being sent!

The tracking we use tracks all clicks that occur in your email ad only! Keep in mind that if there's anything else you want to track, it's up to you and your website to do that. We have no control over your website!

Whether you use our services or another opt-in emailer, tracking your ad campaign via third-party is an absolute must to make sure you are getting what you paid for!

Below are 2 charts (Before and After) based on actual customer statistics.
Traffic increased by over 1000% once the email campaign started.
Website sales also increased by over 540%. 

Before                                                                                                                      After

Email Ad Design - Generate a better response from your email campaign with HTML ads!

Did you know that colorful HTML emails deliver a better response as opposed to plain text? As the saying goes… A picture is worth 1000 words!

For only $99.00 our team of designers can custom create an ad to fit your marketing needs!
Email Campaign Options
All you need to do is choose the number of people you want to reach, send us your 
ad, and let us take care of the rest while you watch your business explode!

(We do NOT sell email lists - Leads are generated based on campaign & category).

Recipients 300,000 
Total Cost Order 

Recipients 600,000 
Total Cost Order 

Recipients 900,000 
Total Cost Order 

Recipients 1.3 Million 
Total Cost Order 

*Special Offer: We will double your order at no extra cost. on 1 ML or more.
5,000 Free with 600,000

2,000,000 recipients ($249) 
An extremly cost-effective campaign.
Spend Less - Make More! Plus we will
double your order at no extra cost.

900,000 recipients ($179) 
This package is one of our most
popular ones - A Great Money Maker
with a High Return.

300,000 recipients ($89) 
With our starter package you can test
your ads, product, and website for sales.
OPT- IN Bulk Email Mass Ad Campaign

5,000,000 Opt-in Users

100% Opt-in Audience that has the highest Response Rates, Guaranteed!

Have you been searching for the right Email Marketing company?

If you're looking for massive internet exposure for your product or service, 
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Reach up to 2 million highly-targeted US prospects with this hassle-free, 100% safe, email campaign delivery service, and set your signups and sales on fire!

100% verified US opt-ins!  100% CanSpam compliant! 100% Targeted!

Permission email marketing is not spam. We are fully internet Spam Acr compliant​.