Our company is your best source for value-driven, global turnkey professional services.

Established in 2002 and online since 2006, we have over a decade of collective knowledge and experience that provides us a unique advantage in providing professional services to growing companies. We are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent by providing a satisfaction guarantee for every service provided.

Our focus has been to provide our clients with a “knock your socks off” type of services, under promise and over deliver results, and to always, always have integrity with their brand.

Direct marketing is the answer. The trouble is the old ways of direct marketing, telemarketing, direct mail, Internet pop-ups, are just that, old. Companies spend more and more money and are getting less and less returns with their direct marketing campaigns. This is what we specialize in!!

Our team members are incredible, outstanding, exceptional, incomparable, extraordinary, out of this world, intelligent, fun, enthusiastic and talented. 

Innovative Media Strategies is a full-scale media and advertising consulting, design and production company specializing in producing and delivering all formats and mediums of media products. From print media to the web. The Innovative Media team has been at the forefront of the online media and mass web advertising revolution for over a decade with qualified specialists who are experts.

Assess, plan, implement and refine a good marketing strategy starts with a well developed and creative plan. Our consultant’s insight and experience allows your business a competitive edge. We develop a strategic, fact based plan of action and follow through with implementation and completion.

 Our core focus is to consult our clients on how to leverage Internet technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Using market research and analysis we can develop successful campaigns geared towards your goals. 

Our company is a successful producer of live events, and cause-related marketing platforms. Whatever your brand marketing needs, our team of experts are here to move your marketing initiatives forward in a dynamic and effective way to best meet your strategic imaging.

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